Tax always comes into play in almost every phase of the business. To avoid unexpected losses related to tax, tax advice needs to be sought before you enter into business transactions. Hence, tax planning is best developed in advance.

We will help you identify tax risks and find ways to mitigate them. Thus, we are always ready to deal with any challenge that your business may face.

We are a member of international well-known firm Andersen Global, which unites experienced and qualified professionals around the world.

Our Service

Tax Advisory

  • Assessing tax implications of transactions/operations and advising on their optimization.
  • Structuring operations in a way leading to minimum tax exposures according to the law.

Tax Compliance

  • Preparing and filing tax declarations, forms and other statutory documents to Georgian tax and other public bodies in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Examining the compliance of the company with the tax legislation and putting the company’s documentation in order.

Communication with Tax Authorities

  • Assisting clients in obtaining an advance tax ruling (ATR).
  • Assisting clients in obtaining special tax statuses.
  • Submission of various types of statements to the tax authorities, consulting the client in case of information requests by the tax authorities and assisting in the preparation and submission of the requested information.
  • Assisting clients during tax audit process.

Tax Dispute

  • Consulting and representing clients in tax disputes.
  • Development and implementation of tax dispute strategy, which includes preparation and submission of complaints in the system of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia, preparation and submission of lawsuits in courts, as well as representing client’s interests in the respective authorities.
  • Protection of clients’ interests in disputes related to the so-called “straw man of a taxpayer” (alter-ego), which involves developing a defense strategy, gathering evidence, developing a counter position and legal representation.

International Taxation and Transfer Pricing

  • Cross-border tax advice aimed at addressing multi-jurisdiction complex tax challenges and identifying the right tax strategies and operational structures to stay both competitive and compliant.
  • Assisting multinational companies in the preparation of transfer pricing documentation (TPD) and advance pricing agreement (APA) in accordance with local regulations and OECD guidelines.
  • Assisting multinational companies in submitting TPDs to and concluding APAs with tax authorities. Planning and managing transfer pricing controversy.

Customs Issues

  • Consulting clients on customs duties and customs procedures.
  • Representing clients with the customs authorities.
  • Assisting clients in classifying products for customs tariff purposes, specifying customs values and custom tax exposures with respect to import duties when customs-clearing goods.

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We are always ready to answer your questions, discuss challenges and ways to solve problems.
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We are always ready to answer your questions, discuss challenges and ways to solve problems.
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